This Book is Dedicated to the Memory of

U-CD GR CH PR Tyroll's Scoobargustus, CGC, TD

To us, he was just "Gus"

Gus was a true ambassador for our breed. He was a striking guy. His fabulous Phantom-of-the-Opera face appears on many of our products as well as on our business card. To us, Gus was more than a beautiful, well-trained dog; he and Jewels were our whole lives for the last 10 years. Gus's sudden illness and death was devastating. Our world turned upside down. For months nothing seemed to fall into place. Our family and friends rallied around us, and our strong faith in God gave us the strength to look forward. We now feel blessed to have had the chance to enjoy such a lovely spirit for 10 years. Rest in peace Gus; your memories live on in our hearts.
Psalm 23

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