...A Closer Look Table of Contents

Kids and Dogs
Teaching our Kids about Dogs
Having fun with you Furry Friend
Head Study
Tough to Get Homeowners Insurance?
Picking the Right Puppy
The Key to Successful Housetraining
Bone Head, the Story of a Blind Dog
People and their Dogs
Racism of a Different Breed
A Dark Day in England
All American
The Truth is Out There
Is There a Breed Ban in your Backyard?
Free Speech, Our First Amendment Responsibility
In Memory of Walt
Zeke, the Wonder Dog
More than One
Smidget Steals the Show
Bed Buddies and Couch Potatoes
Featured Artist
Sit Pretty
Of Mice and Pit Bulls
She's my Babe
The Tortoise and the Pit Bull
Strange Friends
Where There's Smoke, There's Fire
All Dressed Up
Blossom, the Rescue Miracle
Rescue Dog Extraordinaire
Beauty and Brains
Proving Ground
The Winner's Circle
And Then There Were None
It's my Party
All Dogs Go to Heaven
Bubba, a Portrait of Courage
The End

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