Collector Books

(These are collector books, but don't let them collect dust! Use them to educate people on our Noble Breed!)

Welcome Pit Bull Lovers!

To date we have produced 4 wonderful picture books to help you Fight Breed Specific Legislation.

Only 500 copies of each books were printed. The first 50 (1-50) copies are signed and numbered with Gold Metallic ink, the next 100 (51-150) copies are signed and numbered with Silver Metallic ink. The final 350 (151-500) copies are signed and numbered in black ink. ALL limited edition books are embossed with a raised Gold seal. These 8 1/2" X 11" hard bound books, are printed on the finest 80 lb gloss paper. The full color cover is UV. coated for years of enjoyment.

The American Pit Bull Terrier... A Closer Look

Printed in 2000

(This 353 pages, black and white picture book has some color).

Limited copies available, please contact me for pricing. Gold and Silver copies available on request

"We're a voice for the many. For the tens of thousands of "regular" people that own an American Pit Bull Terrier. This book shows the world what it's like to live your life each day with one of these loving, loyal, courageous dogs.

Over 900 photos show the versatility and people-loving characteristics they posses. The stories and articles offer rare insights into the companionship so many share with their American Pit Bull Terriers.

These families depend on, live with, and love these incredible dogs. Walk with us through their lives as you take A Closer Look. Enjoy! Mike & Jillian.

(Gold/Silver copies upon request)

Please contact Jillian for more information).

The American Pit Bull Terrier Speaks... Good Dog!

Printed in 1996

(This 400 pages, black and white picture book has some color).

Welcome to The American Pit Bull Terrier Speaks... Good Dog! This is our third effort to foster enlightment of the general public on a much misunderstood breed. We think this book will help others better understand how a breed that was once an American Hero is now regarded as American's most wanted; a criminal. We offer the world this collection of photographs which finally allows the dogs to speak for themselves. As you thumb through the pages, you will find pictures which have been sent to us by the average American Pit Bull Terrier owner. The articles and stories are written by people who know the dogs and have hands-on experience.
The legislative efforts being made to deny overall ownership of the breed is part of the reason for publishing these books We propose that enforcing vicious dog legislation which already exists in many states would take care of the real problem dogs and irresponsible people. Adding even more restrictive legislation is not the answer, when additional laws, ordinances and codes are put into the equation the only people who are affected are the ones who abide by the laws. This book is a collector, but not for dust! We hope you put it to good use.

Please see the review by Dr. Craig Foltz.

SOLD OUT except for a few very early numbers (Gold/Silver).
(Gold/Silver copies may be availble. Please contact Jillian for more information).

The American Pit Bull Terrier; Picture This

Printed in 1992

(364 pages Black and White picture book).

This book is part of a series of books designed to help fight breed specific legislation. "Picture This", like "Reflections" show the everyday experience of the typical American Pit Bull Terrier and owner, which paints a far different picture than that represented by the media. We think a dog should be judged by his performance as an individual and not by a pre-conceived, media generated notion, regarding an entire breed or species.
SOLD OUT! except for a few early numbered Gold or Silver Copy.

(Gold/Silver copies may be available. Please contact Jillian for more information).

Reflections of The American Pit Bull Terrier

Printed in 1990

(315 pages, black and white picture book).

We invite you to enter the tail wagging world of the American Pit Bull Terrier. Many proud owners have shared the secret of this noble breed, by contributing over 600 of their personal photos. As you thumb through this collection you'll begin to see why those who own the American Pit Bull Terrier believe they are truly man's Best Friend.
SOLD OUT! Early numbered Gold or Silver Copies may be available.

Please contact Jillian for more information).


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